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City crews anticipate ice and snow

City of Kansas City, Mo., Public Works Department crews assigned to arterial and primary streets will report to work at 11:30 p.m. Jan. 11 in anticipation of freezing conditions. Crews will work around the clock clearing and applying salt on City streets.

Crews assigned to residential areas will report to work at 7:30 a.m. Jan. 12 to apply salt on hills and slick areas. Public Works Department crews will continue servicing both residential and primary routes through the impending ice and snowstorms.

Phase I of a winter storm watch will be issued when the streets are slick. During this time, drivers who do not have snow tires on their cars will be ticketed if they get stuck on a major thoroughfare.

In Phase II of a winter storm, cars parked on designated snow routes will be ticketed two hours after the phase is implemented.

Residents may call the following numbers for assistance: the City's 3-1-1 Action Center (a division of the City Manager's Office), 311 or (816) 513-1313; and the Missouri Department of Transportation, (816) 622-6500. Requests for removal of tree limbs from the rights-of-way should be directed to the 3-1-1 Action Center.

Residents without electricity should call KCP&L at (816) 471-5275 or (888) LIGHTKC, and Aquila at (800) 303-0357.

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