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There are four ways to obtain a sidewalk improvement:

1. Permit

Any property owner may get a permit to replace the curb, driveway or sidewalk. This work can be completed by the property owner or by hiring a private contractor. The reconstruction must be performed to meet City Standards for grade, materials and installation and bonded for a period of two years after completion. All of this work will be at the cost to the property owner. Permits are issued on the fifth floor of City Hall.

2. Citywide Hazardous Program.

The citywide hazardous program enables the City to respond positively to residents calling in requests for improvements to the sidewalks anywhere in the city. It can be in front of your property or in front of any property in the city. The request will be investigated and the property owner notified. The property owner will be given 20 days to correct the hazard. If the hazard is not corrected, the hazard will be added to the next citywide hazardous contract. Once constructed, the cost of the repair will be assessed to the property owner, except for repairs on corners. To report a hazard, call 816-513-1313. The criteria for hazardous sidewalks can be found in our Condemnation and Reconstruction Criteria Guidebook.

3. Sales Tax Project (PIAC)

The sales tax projects are funded through PIAC. Projects must be submitted to the PIAC committee by Aug. 30 of every year. By the end of the following April, the City Council will approve the capital improvement projects. Once approved, these projects will be constructed that summer. However, if there are hazards in the project area, these will be assessed to the property owner. To request a project, fill out a Public Improvements Request form.

4. Petition

In Council District 4, a petition can be circulated among the property owners on the block to request the entire block be replaced and assessed to the property owners. The following is the process for a petition project. Petition projects have all costs paid for by the benefiting property owners except amounts thatthe City Council may approve as a subsidy and work within the intersections which is covered by public funds. In the 4th Council District the subsidy rate is 20 percent of the assessable cost. As provided in the City Charter, assessable costs under the petition are apportioned to property owners using the front foot rule. After petitions are received, public hearings are held to receive comments from all property owners effected by the project. If outcome of the hearing results in decision to proceed, the improvements are constructed and assessment tax bills issued to repay the Revolving Improvement Fund monies expended.

Petition Form

Petition Process

Petition Hearing Presentation

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