With 388,800 square feet of contiguous, column-free space, Bartle Hall’s main exhibition hall covers an area the size of eight football fields. This allows for more than 2,000 10-by-10 foot booths, and enough room to create eye-catching pavilions or huge equipment displays without having to squeeze them between columns.

Four sound-resistant movable walls can divide Bartle Hall’s exhibit space into as many as five separate halls, for events not needing quite so much room. And, because Bartle Hall's perimeter features a multitude of show offices, restroom facilities, banks of telephones and concession stands, a full range of amenities are available throughout the venue.

Bartle Hall’s ceilings heights range from 33 feet to 42 feet, making hanging banners visible from any point on the show floor. Utility floor ports are on 30-foot centers, so connections are within easy access from exhibit booths without having utility lines dangling from the ceiling and spoiling the view or crossing an aisle.

Rigging Points 
expansion joints 1,000 lbs. maximum per point not to exceed 25,000 lbs. per beam performed by local IATSE Union riggers 
Ceiling height
Halls A,B,C: 33' to lower beam; 45' to roof
  •Halls A, E45' to lower beam; 45' to roof 
Floor load 
  •300 lbs. per square foot live load between expansion joints
  •30-foot centers with electrical and telephone; compressed air, natural gas and water with drain available in selected ports 
   Fireports must remain accessable
Electronic public address system
  •High-intensity mercury vapor lighting with 100-foot candles
  •High-blower air conditioning system
Exhaust fans 
  •Located in each Hall

  •North Dock (attached to Hall A)   •West Dock (attached to Hall D)
  •South Dock (attached to Hall E)
   Each equipped with driving ramp into facility, loading bays, hi-speed doors on drive-up loops


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