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Environmental Management Commission

Meeting Minutes – May 12, 2010

Meeting Location: Mid-America Regional Council, 2nd Floor, Westview Meeting Room

Commissioners present: Carol Adams, Jimmy Adegoke, Bob Berkebile, Dustin Jensen, Marty Kraft, Rachel Norton, Richard Rocha, Jack Schrimsher, Jim van Eman,

Staff: Dennis Murphey, Jerry Shechter – OEQ; Scott Cahail – Water Services; Matt Gigliotti – Law Department

Guests: Ron McLinden – Regional Transit Alliance; Mike Hoey; Camealia Murray

Carol Adams, Co-Chair, opened the meeting at 4:10 pm; a quorum was present

A. Welcome and Introductions

    The Chair welcomed all Commissioners, staff and guests to the EMC meeting. Everyone introduced themselves.

B. Minutes of the meeting of April 14, 2010, were approved by consensus.

C. Environmental Achievement Awards – Rachel Norton

    There are eight nominees from various departments. The awards ceremony is scheduled from June and, based on the need to do a better analysis of the submissions, a request might be made to reschedule to July. The question being asked by the review committee is whether the nominations are unique behaviors, really exceptional activities. Following discussion, Rachel Norton made a motion, seconded by Marty Kraft, to move forward with three (3) of the nominations and to keep the award ceremony at the June meeting. The motion passed.

D. Office of Environmental Quality – Report/Update – Dennis Murphey

    1. List of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) grants was distributed and Dennis reviewed the scope of the grants. He expressed disappointment that there were no bike/ped grants from the Department of Transportation. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Formula Grant provided funds for nine projects. There were other grants to Health, Aviation, Brownfields, Lead Hazard control, and KC Police Department. There is an infusion of almost $200 million in federal funds.

    2. EECBG – Competitive Grant – KC will receive a grant of $20 million from the US Department of Energy (DOE). Staff met with staff of the DOE to re-scope the grant down from $50 million to $20 million. There were 175 or more applicants. KC is one of 25 to be awarded a grant. Dennis provided a description of the overall intent of the grant in terms of energy efficiency improvements, workforce development and market transformation. The DOE grant review summary sheet was distributed indicating the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the KC application. The KC application was the consensus for funding. DOE intends to create a community of the 25 grantees supported by DOE and consultants. The most difficult element includes establishing a sustainable financing mechanism. One person of the support team worked with KCPL on the Smart Grid grant.

    In the re-scoping process, a revolving loan pool concept was eliminated in favor of a loan loss reserve to reduce risk to lenders and to stimulate private market lending for energy efficiency. There will be a lot of work to finalize the program. We need to put a lot of work into new tools, if available, such as the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) and Pay As You Save (PAYS) concepts. A challenge to be addressed is loan security. DOE liked our tie-in of water efficiency measures.

    Jimmy Adegoke commended the OEQ for doing the work and pointed out a weakness in our lack of partnership with academic institutions, such as UMKC. He noted this is a connection that ought to be made considering the resources that could be leveraged. He also asked the EMC to consider a letter to the UMKC Chancellor and Provost to reinstate funding for the Center for the City and to invite him/her for a conversation for moving forward. A suggestion was made to consider an EMC discussion with UMKC in July.

E. LEED Initiatives – No Report

F. Liaison Updates

    1. Solid Waste – Jim van Eman – Missouri Solid Waste Association will hold a meeting in KC May 24-25, 2010. The request for proposals for the Public Works Eco-Center is publicly available with a pre-bid meeting being planned.

    2. Air Quality Forum – Carol Adams – Frank Lenk made a presentation on the 2040 Adaptive Scenario Plan. The plan proposes 15% growth in redevelopment areas rather than 40% but there was push-back from cities wanting no restrictions on greenfield development. Staff believes they pushed the Board as far as possible.

    3. Plug-in Readiness Task Force in Kansas City (for electric vehicles and infrastructure) has joined the Rocky Mountain Institute’s national “Project Get Ready”.

G. Project Updates – No reports

H. Water Services – Scott Cahail –

    1. It might be appropriate for the EMC to request a role of some kind in selection of the new Water Services Director. By consensus, the EMC adopted a motion that Carol Adams and Bob Berkebile draft a letter to the City Manager requesting a role in the selection process.

    2. The Department is still looking at the various elements of the letter to the US Environmental Protection Agency. The consent decree for the Overflow Control Plan has not yet been signed.

I. New Business - None

J. Remarks and Announcements

    1. Marty Kraft noted there had been a good hearing on the proposed Development Code modifications for urban agriculture with representatives of the real estate industry arguing to go slower.

    2. Fahey Construction is re-doing 23rd Street and has donated a bull dozer to help clear a parking lot at Niles Home for Children.

    3. Richard Rocha noted he is no longer a Commissioner and that he has enjoyed the relationships with the other commissioners. He also noted that Bayer has three internships available for the summer. The Chair asked Richard to recommend someone from his industry who might become a commissioner. Finally, Carol Adams and the other Commissioners, agreed Richard would be missed on the EMC.

    4. MARC Regional Assembly is planned for June 25, 2010

    5. Camealia Murray noted that Marty Kraft has received a lifetime achievement award from the Sierra Club. The EMC congratulated Marty and his achievements.

The next monthly meeting is scheduled for June 9, 2010 at MARC at 4:00 pm for presentation of the Environmental Achievement Awards.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:05 pm