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Environmental Management Commission

Meeting Minutes – January 13, 2010

Meeting Location: Mid-America Regional Council, 2nd Floor, Westview Meeting Room

Commissioners present: Carol Adams, Jimmy Adegoke, Amy Bhesania, Dustin Jensen, Marty Kraft, Rachel Norton, Jack Schrimsher, Evaline Taylor, Jim van Eman, John Ware

Staff: Dennis Murphey, Jerry Shechter – OEQ; Scott Cahail – Water Services Department; Matt Gigliotti - Law

Guests: Sadie Gardner – BTG; Mike Hoey; Lou Austin and Mike Graf – 3 Trails Village

Carol Adams, Co-Chair, opened the meeting at 4:05 pm; a quorum was present

    A. Welcome and Introductions

    The Chair welcomed all Commissioners, staff and guests to the EMC meeting. Everyone introduced themselves.

    B. Minutes of the meeting of November 18, 2009 and December, 2009 were reviewed. Amy Bhesania made a motion, seconded by Jimmy Adegoke, to adopt the minutes as presented. The motion passed.

    Based on projections regarding the City budget process, there was consensus to move the February meeting from the 2/10/10 to 2/17/10.

    C. Office of Environmental Quality – Dennis Murphey

    1. City budget – Dennis noted he had attended a town hall meeting with the Mayor and the Acting City Manager and that projections for the next fiscal year are not good. There is a projected gap of about $60-$65 million and there will probably be staff lay-offs. The suggestions being made, which will need buy-in from the unions, include such proposals as unpaid holidays. The City Manager must submit his budget proposal to the Mayor by January 15th and the Mayor is to submit his budget to City Council by February 15th. Council has until March 25th to adopt a budget. Staff was asked to make sure the EMC is notified when the budget and public meeting schedules are available.

    2. Kansas City has been selected as 1 of 18 potential host cities to be included in the US bid package for the 2018 or 2022 World Cup soccer games. The selected host countries will be announced in December, 2010. The centerpiece of the application is sustainability – connecting soccer to economy, environment and social equity.

    3. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Competitive Grant application was submitted for a total grant amount of $50 million. We should hear something by mid-March.

    4. OEQ is submitting a grant application to M-DNR under the EECBG program called “Energize Missouri Communities”. The application, which is due by the afternoon of January 15th and which will be mailed to Jefferson City tomorrow, includes Raytown as a partner. The grant encourages partnerships with non-formula grant (EECBG) eligible entities. We are proposing to provide energy efficiency retrofit improvements to 200 households in KC and 80 households in Raytown that do not qualify for the Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program. The MEC is proposed as a “one-stop-shop”, as was proposed in the competitive grant application, but for grants rather than loans. The intent is to integrate low-moderate income weatherization assistance with the Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES) Program which MEC already administers for KCP&L, MGE and M-DNR. Accordingly, we will realize leveraged funds from each of those sources.

    5. The Mercury storage issue for the Bannister complex is not yet resolved although a location in Texas is the likely preferred location according to unofficial statements by a DOE spokesperson.

    D. Liaison Updates

    1. MARC Solid Waste Management District (SWMD) – Jim van Eman

      a. The December meeting was held at the new Gladstone community center. The keynote speaker was Mike Utz, Boulevard Brewing Co., who spoke about Ripple Glass. He noted that the SWMD had provided Boulevard Brewing Co. with an initial grant to plan for Ripple Glass. Grants for 2010 were awarded.

      b. Public Works long term Solid Waste Management Plan – Michael Shaw is making more presentations about the proposed new Eco-center concept. A meeting is scheduled for January 20th to discuss the concept with developers/designers. Jim stated he thinks the process is unique for KC where the City will own the property but design/development teams will do a turn-key project including the responsibility to package financing. The concept will help KC move from waste management to resource recovery. Dennis noted that, in a related ordinance this week, Town & Country was chosen for curbside trash pickup in the north and south parts of the community; the City will cover the center of the community.

    2. Air Quality – Carol Adams

      a. New ambient air quality standards for ground level ozone from EPA will likely be lower causing a lot of cities in the country to exceed the standards … including KC. The new rule will be published soon in the Federal Register for comment. Carol noted there was an e-mail from Ron McLinden regarding the MARC technical forecast and transportation planning. The adaptive scenario projects 40% of new growth will be in existing areas with half (20%) from external forces – e.g., fuel prices, etc. City Council passed a resolution to adopt the adaptive scenario as the preferable approach. Carol Adams requested a copy of the resolution.

    E. Three Trails Village – Lou Austin and Mike Graf, 3 Trails Community Improvement District – old Bannister Mall site – See:

    Mr. Austin began with a general history of the process of community involvement including being named a community improvement district (CID), by the State of Missouri, in 2002. The activities of the CID are funded by a combination of a special assessment and an activity tax within the borders of the district. Their focus is on sustainable community development. The CID commissioned a study, by Patti Banks, in 1999 which evolved to becoming adopted as part of the local area plan. The question being asked was how to position the area to address what appeared to be the trends in economic development. Their final concept grew from a set of either (8) visions/concepts developed in conjunction with students from Kansas State University. One of the eight was selected to be included in the Hickman Mills Area Plan. Ultimately, a developer was chosen for the site and the plan was changed to accommodate the soccer concept by the developer – LANE 4. After an in-depth presentation, Mr. Austin asked the EMC to consider what role it might choose to play in new planning given that the soccer plan has been moved to KC,KS. The initial action proposed by the Chair was research to see if there is a reasonable way for the EMC to have input. This will entail determining the level that is appropriate for EMC involvement in specific development proposals. It is also appropriate, for the EMC and for others, to ask how best to get input from all those who have a stake in any particular process and product. For a project developed with sustainability in mind, see: Magnolia Development in North Carolina . John Ware and Jim van Eman volunteered to take a look at the issue of EMC role and involvement and overall policy and standards issues.

    F. EMC Project Reports

    1. Marty Kraft showed a camp stove that provides a much cleaner burn of small wood twigs – by burning the wood and then the escaping gases - and can produce bio-char.

    2. Mike Hoey reminded the EMC that meetings were still taking place about the Development Code with regard to urban agriculture

    G. Old Business – None

    H. New Business - None

    I. Remarks and Announcements

The next monthly meeting is re-scheduled from February 10, 2010 to Wednesday, January 17, 2009 at MARC at 4:00 pm.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm