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The Energy Analysis

Simple Steps to Save Energy

EnergyWorks KC makes the process of achieving energy efficiency as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. These simple steps will move you toward increased energy efficiency.

Easy StepsCONTACT the Metropolitan Energy Center (816-531-SAVE) to speak with an energy expert. Ask about rebates and other financing incentives you may be eligible to receive. 
Complete the registration information and input your energy usage data at:

 Easy Steps
SCHEDULE an energy efficiency analysis for your home or business with a certified professional. Review the recommended list with the analyst and learn which immediate improvements have the greatest impact on the energy efficiency of your home or business. A list of certified analysts and certified MBE/WBE contractors is available at the Metropolitan Energy Center for your comparison.

 Easy StepsSELECT the most beneficial energy efficiency upgrades. Schedule an appointment with a certified contractor of your choice to discuss timeframe and cost. Then schedule the post-installation analysis to verify improvements.
Complete and return the rebate application and enjoy your healthier and more comfortable home/business.


Checkout the 7 Steps to Energy Efficiency video.

Benefits of an EnergyWorks KC Energy Efficiency Analysis

Achieving energy efficiency for your home or business has never been easier.
When your home or business is more energy efficient you
Waste less energy
EWKC believes you should not lose money through cracks in the wall, a poorly insulated attic, outlets, doors or windows. Your personal budget has a line item for energy, so maximize the use of your energy dollars and use your home or business more efficiently.

Improve comfort throughout your home/business
EWKC believes your home or business should be warm in the winter and cool in the summer to meet your needs. The temperature should also be consistent from room to room. Efficiently use your home or business; invest in your comfort.

Create a healthy home (or business)
EWKC believes your home or business should have an analysis and then be upgraded to reduce allergens and asthma-causing irritants. Increase the health of your home or business for your family, colleagues, and guests.

Use this hyperlink to access a PowerPoint presentation about home energy efficiency:
Home Energy Efficiency Presentation.

How It’s Done!

Unlock the mystery of the energy efficiency analysis process by viewing the video below.



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